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X1000 Professional amplifier
Detail Info

Product features:

Using a special structure of the heat sink material and high-power transistor directly crimp radiator technology.
The use of high redundancy ring power transformer to ensure the reliability of work performance. Equipped with high-end power amplifier, large-capacity filter capacitor to ensure that the amplifier output quality.
Powerful power amplifier internal protection line protection; DC; internal fault; output short circuit; does not match the load and high frequency overload protection; radiator and transformer over temperature protection, power input overcurrent protection.
The cooling fan is automatically adjusted according to the power size. When the temperature reaches 50 degrees, the fan starts running and ensures the cooling effect.
Comes with clipping distortion limit circuit, to prevent the signal distortion caused by sound damage.
Complete connection port, selectable stereo bridge, parallel signal mode, to meet 2 ohms, 4 ohms, 8 ohm load.

Basic parameters:

MODEL  X245 X260 X800 X1000
Stereo power 4Ω 675W 800W 1250W 1400W
Stereo power 8Ω 450W 600W 800W 1000W
Ratd bridged 8Ω 1350W 1600W 2500W 2950W
Input sensitity 0.75V 1V 1V 1V
Ferquency response 20Hz-20KHz±0.5db(1W/7)
Thd for rated power  4Ω ≤0.01%Rated power@8Ω0KHz
Signal to noise >90db
Dimensions(WxDxH) 480x460x100
Net  weight 23Kg 25Kg 26Kg 29Kg



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